The Argweld® line of Pipe Purging Products include: Purge Bladders, Purge Monitors, Pipe Purge Plugs, Purge Film, Trailing Shields and Backing tape.

ARGWELD® Purge Bladders

ARGWELD® Purge Bladders localize the purge area when welding long pipe sections. the savings in gas and man hours mean that these bladders pay for themselves with in a few welds. 

Quick-Purge systems

     The new Quick-Purge systems are specifically designed for welding larger diameter stainless steel pipe and are quickly becoming an industry standard. They are used for most large-scale jobs that require a lot of stainless steel pipe such as LNG sites, refineries, agricultural or food and beverage processing, etc. This is the fastest method of weld purging and provides huge savings in gas and reduced “down-time”. They are available for sizes 8” and up.

ARGWELD® Purge Monitors

ARGWELD® Purge Monitors detect the level of oxygen in purging gas to indicate when it is at a safe level to weld. A range of monitors have been designed to cover every need.

ARGWELD® Water Soluble Film

ARGWELD® Water Soluble Film is used to localize the purge area in a large or irregular fabrications and can be used to make closing welds. The film is fully soluble and contains no harmful elements.

ARGWELD® Trailing shields

ARGWELD® Trailing shields give a secondary shielding gas coverage which prevents the material from oxidizing following welding. This allows larger titanium fabrications to be welded outside of an enclosure.

ARGWELD® Weld Backing Tape

ARGWELD® Weld Backing Tape supports the underside of a weld and prevents excessive oxygen entering the back of a weld joint. This allows single sided welding and eliminates the need for back gouging or grinding.

ARGWELD® Pipe Purging Plugs

ARGWELD® Pipe Purging Plugs are used on smaller diameter and shorter length tube or ducting applications. These are also very useful for sealing outlets when weld purging vessels, as low pressure test plugs for pipe joints or to stop contaminants entering tubes.


ARGWELD® Flexible Welding Purging Enclosures

ARGWELD® Flexible Welding Purging Enclosures create a fully inert atmosphere to eliminate any oxidation of the material during and after welding. The are available as standard sizes from 900mm to 1800mm diameter. (Table not included).

Argweld® Titanium Purge Monitor

The Argweld® Titanium Purge Monitor has been specifically designed for indicating oxygen levels in Argon gas for weld purging.

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