Purge Monitor

The ARGWELD® 'Purge Monitor' has several features:

Keeps waiting time to a minimum
The monitor can tell the operator exactly when the oxygen level is low enough to commence welding. No estimating or guesswork is involved, so no time is wasted waiting for the correct level to be reached.
Saves on excessive use of inert gas
The exact oxygen content is given, so no more inert gas than necessary has to be used to ensure that the weld will be free of oxidation.
Prevents weld failures
Premature starts on welds are avoided, high quality is ensured.
Highly portable
Its small size makes is easy and very convenient to use in all purging situations.
Low cost
The monitor is available at low relative cost and is a perfect accessory for use with any pipe purging system or argon welding enclosure.
Continuous monitoring of oxygen levels
A continuous read out of the oxygen level is given, even when welding is taking place. This can avoid unforeseen purge problems that could cause quality failures after the weld has been started.
The purge monitor may also be used to check confined spaces for safe oxygen levels before personnel enter the area and while they are working.
Other Purge Monitors available from COB Industries, Inc. include:

The ARGWELD® 'PPM - Parts Per Million Monitor'.

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