COB Industries, Inc. has a 35 year history of supplying superior tools and service to our customers worldwide.  As with all COB products, our Pneumatic Saws and Shears are guaranteed, premium quality products.  COB Industries…Specialty Tools for Specialty Applications.

Timberking  "Supersaw"

The COB Supersaw is a powerful, tough saw that comes ready to use with any heavy duty air supply. The Supersaw is an efficient and reliable saw that is easy to use and will work in places that other saws can't. Its 6 H.P. motor makes it a mighty saw for a tough job...above ground, underground, or underwater.

Underwater Features

With the use of the Underwater Air-Diverter Kit this powerful saw can be used underwater without the motor becoming flooded with water.

Chain Saw Model #: 15 1060 017
Bar and Chain Sizes 17" to 25"
Weight (Less Bar and Chain) 16 lbs.
Operating Pressure 90 PSI @ 100 CFM
Inlet Size 3/4" Female NPT
** Underwater Kit Available * *

COB Bucket Saw

Here's an efficient, reliable saw that has been extremely popular for years in construction, forestry, railroad, and utilities industries. This little 1.0 H.P. saw offers a unique combination of features: it is compact and lightweight yet powerful and has a built-in chain oiler. It can also be fitted with an extension pole, making it ideal for pruning orchards, citrus groves, trees and bushes. The COB Bucket Saw will not disappoint.

Chain Saw Model #: 10 1030 1SP
Pole Saw Model #: (less pole & handle) 10 1030 2SP
Cutting Capacity 8"
Weight 4.5 lbs.
Working Pressure 100-120 PSI
Cubic Feet per Minute 18 CFM

*NEW* COB 14” Bucket Saw

The very popular pneumatic Bucket Saw is now available with a 14” Bar and Chain.  This new larger model of the same lightweight saw with the same features can now be used for even more applications.

Chain Saw Model #: 14 1030 1SP
Horse Power 1 hp
Inlet Size  ¼” Female NPT 
Weight 6 lbs.
Working Pressure 100-120 PSI
Air Consumption Free Speed 18 CFM

 Qwik-Cut Pruning Shear

Available in hand and pole models, you can't go wrong with these rugged pruning shears. Made to last, yet lightweight and easy to use, we know you'll like them!

Pruning Shears Model #: 10 1050 2CP
Pole Shears Model #: (less pole & handle) 10 1050 3CP
Cutting Capacity 7/8"
Weight 4.5 lbs.
Working Pressure 40 to 60 PSI

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