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COB Industries has maintained a high profile for over 30 years in the construction, welding, pipeline and plumbing industries. Articles, advertisements and press releases related to COB products and activities appear in many leading industry publications. Please refer to the list of news items below to see what’s new with COB Industries or to find information about specific applications and projects.

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Accu-Freeze® Used To Perform Freeze Seal on 12” Water Main at Canadian Broadcast Corporation Headquarters in Montreal

April 2014—National Vacuum Environmental Services Company (a mechanical contractor in Montreal) was contracted recently to perform a freeze seal on a 12” water main in the boiler room of the CBC Building in downtown Montreal. A freeze seal, or “ice plug” was required in order to change out an old valve that was seized up without having to shut down or drain out the system. While National Vacuum has technicians with experience freezing smaller diameter lines, they decided to contact COB Industries in order to purchase Accu-Freeze® equipment and to receive training to prepare them to tackle ...read more

COB Helps Develop Revolutionary Pipe Purging Technology

November, 2013—COB Industries introduced revolutionary new PurgeGate® technology which is certain to be a game-changer in the world of pipe purging. Tandem inflatable pipe purging systems have proven to be the fastest, most effective method of pipe purging when welding stainless steel, chrome, titanium and other materials that require an oxygen free weld, but the potential risk of bursting the dams due to over-inflation has always been an issue ...read more

Qwik-Freezer® Used For Repairs At Etihad Tower In Abu Dhabi

July, 2013—Contractors at the world-famous Etihad Towers in Abu Dhabi (pictured above) used Qwik-Freezer® Pipe Freezing Systems to successfully perform multiple freeze seals for piping repairs on the 39th level of Tower 4. Freeze-Sealing (also referred to as “pipe freezing” or “ice-plugging”) is a process that involves freezing the contents of a pipe to create an internal ice plug to isolate sections of pipe for repair and maintenance, valve replacements, etc. ...read more

COB “V-Block” For Small Diameter LN2 Pipe Freezing

June, 2013—COB Industries, the manufacturer of Qwik-Freeze® and Accu-Freeze® Pipe Freezing Systems for over 40 years, has just introduced the Accu-Freeze® V-Block™ which is an ingenious new pipe freezing tool designed for LN2 freezes on tube and pipe sizes from 1/4” to 1-1/4” diameter. The patented Accu-Freeze® technology ...read more

Dual Purpose Plug for Purging / Testing

April 2013—In late March of 2013 COB Industries received a call from Robert Sambrookes of Complete Mechanical Services, LLC. in Cincinnati, Ohio. Robert was interested in the Argweld® Quick-Purge™ pipe purging systems in order to purge 8”, 10”, 20” and 22” stainless piping that they needed to weld as a part of a high tech piping application ...read more

COB Awarded Contract for Subsea Plugs

January 2013—COB Industries was contacted by Swiber, an offshore construction services company, to discuss their need for subsea pipe plugs for a large offshore oil project in Brunei. COB Industries has been building various types of high-tech pipe plugs for offshore applications for years including ...read more

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