Purge Bladders

The ARGWELD® 'Purge Bladder System' has a number of distinct advantages leading to big cost savings.

Uses less inert gas
The volume to be purged is localized. For a typical pipe run, the volume of gas used is less than 2% of that required for a conventional purge.
The system is very quick and easy to install. It can be positioned accurately and the bladders inflate instantly. The purging time is a fraction of that required to purge by conventional methods.
Easy to use
'Purge Bladders' greatly simplify the process of inert gas purging.
Training is minimal
leading to bright, shiny, coke and oxide-free welds very quickly.
Improved quality of weld
The process involved is highly reliable. It gives regular, controlled high quality results.
Fast payback
The ARGWELD® 'Purge Bladder System' pays for itself in just a few welds.
High quality circumferential butt welding of pipe to pipe and pipe to fitting requires inert gas to be used inside the bore to prevent oxidation and notching of the root penetration weld bead.

The best system devised for this is the ARGWELD® "Purge Bladder System". It is quick, reliable and easy to use. The volume of purging required is kept small, resulting in significant savings in both time and the volume of inert gas used.

The ARGWELD® "Purge Bladders" are based on a simple idea. Two protected bladders are connected by a spinal tube.
The tube carries the gas to inflate the bladders and the release valve to purge the space between them.
The system is inserted into the bore with one bladder either side of the weld joint.
The bladders are inflated to form a seal, after which the pressure in the system opens the purge valve, the inert gas is then fed into the space between the bladders expelling the air.
Welding can then be carried out, the inert gas ensuring a clean even penetration bead.
Afterwards, the bladders are deflated and the device easily removed.

This uniquely designed system means that only one inlet is required for both bladder inflation and introduction of the purge gas. The relief valve can be set to work at any desired flow up to 20 liters/minute and can be set to inflate the bladders and purge the interspaces simultaneously every time.

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