Pipe Purging Plugs

This new line of very low cost expanding plugs for purging pipes and pipe work fabrications is manufactured from nylon, a high quality engineering polymer giving:
high accuracy
guaranteed sealing
long life time

The Expanding Purge Plugs can be used on small diameter pipe work where conventional pipe purging devices are not suitable and on pipe work fabrications where there are a number of branches and ends to seal.

The full range includes two styles. Sizes from 0.05" (13mm) to 1.5" (38mm) with solid shafts and there is a hollow shaft version as well which includes another 1.5" (38mm) model with these sizes:
2.0" (50mm)
2.5" (62mm)
2.5" (62mm)
4.0" (100mm)
5.0" (125mm)
6.0" (150mm)

Hollow shaft plugs come with a sealing end cap with internal rubber seal as well as a hose connector tailpiece and nut for connecting a gas inlet hose or vent hose.

Each plug comprises a center shaft over which are two compression plates. Between the compression plates is a natural rubber ring which is expanded by means of a wing nut on the shaft, which when tightened closes the two plates and compresses the rubber ring seal between them to seal the plug tightly inside the pipe or hole.

The plugs are fully demountable for cleaning purposes and the shaft has an 'O' ring seal as well as a locking keyway to ensure re-assembly is positive and leak tight.

The material is available in two grades:
light duty for use up to 80 amps
heavy duty for use up to 160 amps
It is possible to weld onto the tape with MIG, Stick, TIG or plasma welding processes, so long as the recommended current levels are not exceeded.

The lightweight grade comes in 25 meter lengths and the heavyweight in 12.5 meter lengths.

If lengths are needed to be joined, rolls of the sticky aluminum tape without the fiber are available from Huntingdon Fusion Techniques Limited, allowing a small length to be cut off to join two lengths of the ARGWELD® 'Backing Tape' together.

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