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COB Industries, Inc. has been producing and distributing Pipe Plugs for all types of applications for over 30 years. Over the years the Pipe Plug division has grown into an extensive product line with pipe plugs for almost any application including Low Pressure Expansion Pipe Plugs, FME(Foreign Material Exclusion), Multi-Size Inflatable and Bypass Pipe Plugs from 2” – 96”, High Pressure Test pipe Plugs, Qwik-Sealfast Self-Restraining Plugs, Chemical Resistance Plugs and much more. View the new complete Pipe Plug Brochure to find the right products for your applications. COB Industries stocks an impressive amount of these products on the shelves of a newly expanded production and warehouse facility and has a dedicated and efficient shipping department committed to delivering these products as soon as possible to meet needs of energy, power generation, water and sewer and construction industries.

 Low Pressure Nylon Expansion Pipe Plugs

Durable multi-purpose pipe plugs / tube plugs for weld purging, low pressure testing, leak testing, simple closures and other pipe plugging applications.
 Cast Aluminum Expansion Pipe Plugs

Rugged, lightweight aluminum expansion plugs from 1.5” – 36” (custom sizes also available). These are easy to use wing-nut style pipe plugs with a hollow threaded stem that can be used to fill or vent. Sometimes referred to as “plumber’s plugs”, they are used in a wide range of applications including water and sewer, petroleum and gas, construction and FME (foreign material exclusion).
 Pipe Plug Kit

Nylon Expansion Plugs from 1/2” – 4” with fittings and caps in a convenient hard carrying case with custom foam inserts. Ideal for pipe purging, automotive radiator and swimming pool testing.
 Low Pressure Expansion Pipe Plugs

Fast and easy low pressure expansion plugs provide watertight seals in a variety of styles including Snap-Tite Plugs, Turn-Tite Plugs, Hex-Nut Plugs and Thumb-Nut Plugs.
 Bag Plugs

Bag Plugs are widely used in power plants and all kinds of piping systems for FME (foreign material exclusion) applications, to prevent debris from entering a line or to block gas or fumes. These heavy-duty inflatable plugs can be inserted through smaller diameter openings and seal pipe from 2” – 96”.
 Qwik-Fit Cylinder Pipe Plugs

Qwik-Fit Cylinder Plugs are similar to the Bag Plugs in that they can fit through reduced openings, but they are an elongated (cylindrical) version that can also hold small to moderate amounts of water pressure in addition to FME applications.
 Qwik-Gate Pipe Plugs

Used for valve replacements, to add fittings or make line repairs without having to shut off water or drain lines. Qwik-Gate Pipe Plugs can withstand from -25°F to 225°F and are rated for up to 65 PSI.
Medium Pressure Roll-up Pipe Plugs

Size specific inflatable test plugs with a braced pressure rating of up to 150 PSI with bypass and vent ports standard. Sizes 4” – 96”
 COB Industries Multi-Size Inflatable Pipe Plugs / Flow Stoppers

COB Industries now offers Multi-Size Inflatable Stoppers in a larger range of sizes with the NEW MLS (Stoppers) and FXBP (Bypass Plug) models. MLS and FXBP Plugs offer versatility, flexibility and durability with reinforced ozone protected natural rubber construction*. These plugs are extremely popular in all types of construction, water and sewer, and pipeline maintenance applications.

 Qwik-Test Seal Plugs

These are commonly called Disc Plugs and have a low-profile aluminum body with an inflatable seal and 2” test ports with a braced pressure rating of 15 PSI. Disc Plugs can be made either in one piece or in multiple sections for limited access situations (all sizes 48” and up are “split design). Sizes 24” – 96”
Custom Manufactured Pipe Plugs

Our Custom Plug division can design and engineer almost any plug for any application. From test plugs to joint testers to giant, ROV-friendly flange plugs for offshore platforms, our experienced team can produce whatever is needed to get the job done.
 Qwik-Sealfast Pipe Plugs

Self-restraining pipe plugs made to order for all kinds of pipe testing and pipe plugging applications that can be rated for up to 250 PSI backpressure. Sealfast Plugs are available with inflatable or mechanical seals for sizes 4” and up.
 Qwik-High Pressure Stopper Pipe Plugs

High Pressure Mechanical Test Plugs rated for pressure testing up to 3000 PSI. Available to fit all pipe schedules from 1/2" and up with connection for filling / venting.
 Qwik-Socket Weld Pipe Plugs

Designed for pressure testing socket weld fittings, Socket Weld Plugs eliminate the need for welding plugs or nipples to openings for testing. Available from 1/2" – 2”.
 Qwik-High Pressure External Closure Pipe Plugs

External Closures offer a very safe method of pressure testing—as pressure increases the clamp forms a tighter seal. These are also used in applications where the ID of the pipe cannot be marred. This method is an industry proven performer available for up to 12” pipe.

In addition to the full range of standard Pipe Plugs, our Custom Pipe Plugs section offers a team of experienced experts in the industry with the unique ability to design, engineer and manufacture a solution for just about any type of custom application or need. This includes Joint Testers for pressure testing and all kinds of Self-Restraining Plugs for almost any diameter or pressure requirement. COB Industries also supplies the oil and gas industry with Custom ROV / Flange Pipe Plugs designed for ROV operations and installation on offshore platforms. Contact us to speak with one of our experienced staff to discuss any specific application or requirement.

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